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Instructions for your Alice Night One study.

Once you receive the Home Sleep Test, please test consecutively for a total of two nights beginning the night you received it. Once you have finished your second night of testing, please return it to us. To return the device: 1. Place all the components of the Home Sleep Test into the plastic container.

2. Place the plastic container into the original cardboard box or any cardboard box.

3. Place the prepaid shipment label onto the cardboard box. Do not place the shipment label on the plastic container.

4. Give the package to USPS. Once our office has received back the Home Sleep Test, we will generate a report based on your results, and will send the report to your referring provider directly. If you want a copy of your report, we will mail or email it to you upon request.

Remember, the Home Sleep Test is the property of Sleep Solutions of North Florida and must be returned. If the plastic container is not returned, then a $5 fee will be charged to your Sleep Solutions patient account.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office (386) 752-6700.

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