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Once you arrive at our facility you will be greeted by your registered sleep technologist. You will have a tour of the facility and then have a chance to get comfortable in your room. Your sleep technologist will explain the procedure and offer further information about sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders. Our rooms were constructed with patient comfort in mind. Each room has a queen size bed, flat screen television, and full size recliner. Our facilities also have showers for patients who are needing to leave for work.


Sleep apnea is a condition whereby breathing during sleep is briefly stopped due to airway obstruction. Sleep apnea statistics suggest that it is one of the most common sleep disorders after insomnia. Sleep apnea facts indicate that men may experience sleep apnea differently than women and children. While sleep apnea prevalence varies significantly, the more severe type of sleep apnea (obstructive sleep apnea) ranges from 2–4% of the general population. Less severe types of sleep apnea are thought to affect 9–24% of the general population.

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Essential Sleep

The Sleep Solutions of North Florida sleep labs are here to diagnose your sleeping disorder. We test for 27 different sleep related conditions and we work closely with your doctor to determine the best therapy that is needed. One of the goals here at our centers is to increase patient knowledge of sleep related disorders. Sleeping disorders start a domino effect that can create other serious health conditions. Our staff is committed to help diagnose the sleeping issues and get the patient on the road to overall better well-being.

Sleep Services

A patient can be referred to our facilities for a large number of reasons and below are some examples of conditions and procedures:

Polysomnography: This is the medical term for a routine sleep study. During this study we are seeing if any sleep conditions exist such as: sleep apnea, periodic leg movements, snoring, any brain wave abnormality or any heart rate abnormalities.

PAP Titration: This study is similar to the study above however adds the use of a PAP device as therapy for diagnosed sleep apnea.

MSLT/MWT: These studies are for patients that could have a difficult time remaining awake and some narcoleptic patients. These studies have also been required for patients in the transportation industry.

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Clinical Trials

From time to time Sleep Solutions of North Florida labs will participate in a clinical trial.  These trials have very little impact on a typical patient night in the lab. Usually these test consist of a new medical device a company is conducting research on for the greater good of the sleep diagnostic industry.

These are absolutely optional for the patient to participate in when they are available.


You always dream—

you just don’t remember it

Many people claim that they don’t dream at all, but that’s not true: we all dream, but up to 60% of people don’t remember their dreams at all.

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